Terms Of Use

Welcome to MICROSILICON! The company applies all principles and guidelines, which are obligatory to follow for any organization. By use of this website, you can become sure about our company’s policies and guidelines. The company considers every legal right before undertaking any project. We basically carry out the web design, web development and web application projects. In addition, we do complete analysis of a project before starting to work on the project so as to eliminate the risks of project cancellation, dispute, and reversal.

There is always hard work involved in completion of projects by the team of developers. So, refund would not be possible for the completed work. In case of project termination with mutual understanding, the company returns the money for work which is not done yet.

Clients are free to work with other software development companies within 48 hours of initiation. The company respects the decision made by clients. In such case, MICROSILICON is committed to refund the money that has been paid till date.

The company does not facilitate to cancel the services which are offered on special occasions by MICROSILICON marketing team. Cancellation is not possible on limited occasion offers. Client has to send request to MICROSILICON in written with authorised signature in case the client wants to cancel the project. Unfortunately, if project is cancelled before completion, the company offers invoice of 50% return on original amount.



Client reviews and opinions are of great significance