Our Softwares

All types of Software are launched for security and better performance of PCs. MICROSILICON has arrived for PC repair, PC clean up, file conversions with the help of different software products. There is a perfect uninstaller, PDF converter and PC optimizer software made available to users for varied purposes. It helps PC users keep their systems in good health and to provide high performance.

Smart PC Optimizer

Helps optimize sluggish PC

The launch of Smart PC Optimizer has made it possible to speed up systems and to keep them in a mode where any task can be completed easily. This software takes care of systems performance, deletes registry errors, and helps the system to perform smarter. All PC sluggishness issues are taken care of with the help of this software. It accelerates the computer and helps it to complete task quickly.

PDF Converter

Easily converts files to other formats

The PDF Converter is introduced to help in the easy conversion of PDF files into multiple other forms. This tool is loaded with features such as locking, unlocking, splitting and merging of PDF files. That is how PDF files can be used as desired by users. Moreover, the software converts a PDF file into multiple other forms as desired by the user. A number of files can be converted to another format with a single click.

Perfect Uninstaller

Clears unnecessary files and programs

The Perfect uninstaller helps to uninstall any kind of malicious files, programs and software from a computer’s hard drive. Once installed this software stays engaged in removing programs that are not necessary or may be harmful for the computer. It makes sure to remove invisible software, unnecessary files and programs from a PC. This software keeps the PC clean by deleting automatically installed applications



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