Privacy Policy

MICROSILICON has presented its privacy policy to site visitors, which displays company’s commitment to privacy. We urge you to read the privacy policy of the company so that you can agree with the terms of policy.

Personal Information Collection

The company has collected end to end information of itself, (1) the home server domain names, type of client computer, email addresses, files downloaded, operating system, search engine used and kind of web browser of visitors to MICROSILICON web service. (2) Information provided by the visitors are in online forms, surveys, email, registration forms, contest entries, and other online avenues (including personal profile data demographic).  (3) The email addresses of visitors that communicate via email with MICROSILICON, and (4) total and user-specific info on which page visitors have access.

To protect data of visitors, MICROSILICON place internet cookies on hard drive of visitors. The data can be in form of organization’s name, user-name, password, screen preferences, and the pages of a service navigated by the visitor. Owing to internet cookies, the company identifies the visitors, and customizes the visitor’s experience consequently. By using special feature of web client software, visitors can decline the internet cookies.

Security Step

MICROSILICON have prevented the unauthorized access to personal information by implementing various security features. For instance, all employees are responsible to guard their confidential information, if any employee seems to fail to adhere to the requisite standards of conduct or fails to acknowledge their facts, the company can take appropriate action against those employees. The company informs you that, they are not responsible for security of information transmitted via mail services. Being an employee, if you have any personal query, and if you want to contact MICROSILICON, you are most welcome.

MICROSILICON’s Right to Contact Users

MICROSILICON can directly make contact to visitors regarding sales. In terms of sending informational request also, the company can contact you.

MICROSILICON’s Right to Change Privacy Policy

MICROSILICON reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Virtually any change to this Privacy Policy will be effective as to any visitor who has accepted the MICROSILICON Services before the change was made.



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