Document Management Software

MICROSILICON makes it possible for businesses to reduce paperwork with the launch of DMS (Document Management Software) as it has the capability to trace, save and supervise all kinds of documents. Diverse files can be stored and compiled on the database of the software. It is great for a business as it can manage operations, control production, storage and distribution of electronic documents.

The software is integrated and includes all essential features of collaboration, document management and search functionality. The system includes administration tools so as to define user’s roles, access controls, document security levels, user quota, detailed activity log, and setup details.

MICROSILICON’ DMS is used for making a valuable repository of corporate information. It facilitates in knowledge creation, helps in decision making, workgroup boosts and maintaining productivity of enterprises. Best practices for better customer relations, faster sales, improved time-to-market is taken care of by this software.

The MICROSILICON’ DMS allows companies efficiently and systematically control creation, utilize resources, maintain and dispose records. It involves processes to capture and maintain evidence about business actions and transactions in form of records. This software records, captures, maintains, provides and manages records in the course of time. Every action is monitored and a copy of documents can be stored with the help of this tool.

It involves range of processes for implementing retention, transferring decisions, disposition and even destruction of documents. It can be used to retain any record of an organization in any domain. This is the best tool to save and manage files in a systematic way. Once the saving of data files is done, the software offers a search-ability option to easily locate the saved files. It’s assignment sharing, automated workflow, and multi-language support system are highly admired in the industry.



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